Couples League




Bob and Sue Mell, 2018

Larry and Joyce Starks, 2017 

Jim and Candy Cotone, 2016 

Gary and Ann Hendricks, 2015 

Dave and Amy Anderson, 2014 












Couples League Rules
Couples League Rules
- Fee - $35 per couple
- 4 Fun Nights, 6 Couples League Matches
- USGA golf rules apply – except mulligan on first hole (must play mulligan)
- 10 points per match – 1 per hole and 1 for total low net.
- Winter rules everywhere - you can improve lie in fairway and rough, but not in hazards.
- We will use WSGA handicap (on computer downstairs). Those not having a WSGA handicap will use handicap based on same formula as WSGA uses. Those handicaps would be determined manually by a designated person. Note: Put your own scores into computer.
- 4 Divisions. Winners in each division playoff. Winners advance to finals- $50 gift card to each couple that wins division. Overall winners get free membershipte following year.
- Forfeit Rule: If a team forfeits the points are awarded 7- 3. If both teams forfeit points
awarded 3-3. Note: No matching of cards. Please try to play all matches. In you are to be gone on a Wednesday try to play match before you go.
- Bragging Rights (other than par 3s) – a bragging right wins one golf ball.
Chip-in, birdie, or eagle (3 balls)
Each week - low net (M & W), fewest putts (M & W)
- Bragging Rights on Par 3s.
o Handicap 0-9 - Drive Green
o Handicap 10-16 Drive Green or Par
o Handicap 17 -23 Drive Green or Bogey
o Handicap 24+ Drive Green or Double Bogey


Bob and Sue Mell, 2018 Champions, accept the trophy from 2017 Champions Larry and Joyce Stark