Ladies League

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Congratulations to the 2020 Ladies League winners...

18 hole champion of the Ladies Golf League is Beverly Thomas. Trophy presented by 2019 champion_ Terri Ruppel.

Pictured below: Nine-hole champion was Abby Geisler. Trophy presented by Kitty Iverson and Gail Maack_ 2019 co-champions.


There are prizes for the following ladies league players in the clubhouse that have not been claimed as of today:

Sue Mell, Terri Werner,Carol Wallin, Jane Sheppard, Sue Greenway, Mary Liepold, Julie Carroll, Mary Bohn, Lana Benjamin.

You can stop by the clubhouse anytime and claim your prizes.


We'd like to thank the ladies league for their generosity and support of Cumberland Golf Club over the years.

Ladies League Champions

2020: Beverly Thomas

2019: Terri Ruppel

2018: Rochelle Beard

2017: Leigh Klasse

2016: Candy Cotone

2015: Rochelle Beard

2014: Rochelle Beard

2013: Amy Anderson

2012: Terri Ruppel

2011: Candy Cotone

2010: Candy Cotone

2009: Linda Duncan

2008: Rinae Noyes

2007: Sharon Prell

2006: Kay Christensen

2005: Linda Duncan

2004: Sharon Prell

2003: Pat Mahler

2002: Rinae Noyes

2001: Gerry Pett

2000: Sharon Prell

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