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Memberships Are Being Accepted For 2022

Memberships for the 2022 season are being accepted. Click on the membership form pdf and return to the clubhouse. All memberships paid before February 1, 2022 are paid at the 2021 membership rate. All new single and couples memberships receive a 10% discount on your membership, plus if you join today, you can play the remainder of the 2021 season for free.

Download Membership Application

Membership Benefits

All members receive the following benefits: Member award points, 10% off in the proshop anytime, one free eighteen-hole round for a guest, and you get to take advantage of our reciprocity agreements with the local surrounding golf courses.

Also, any new members receive 10% off the membership for 2019 plus the existing benefits mentioned before!

Membership Benefits

  • 1 (One) Free 18 Hole Round of Golf.
  • 20% Discount on all apparel and 10% on all golf balls.
  • Reciprocity at other area golf courses. $29 for 18 holes, including cart.
  • Voting rights at the annual membership meeting, as well as the ability to join a committee.
  • Member Award PointsReciprocity with 12 other nearby courses. See below for details.

*Restrictions and Definitions

*Children are free with these memberships.

Up to two children are free with a Single or Couple's Membership, up to 23 years of age and in school. Each additional child is $50.
If under 17 without a parent, children must adhere to the Youth Pass restrictions.

**Youth Pass

-Play Mon-Fri anytime and Sat-Sun after 2:00 pm from May 27th through September 5th. -Play without restrictions from Opening - May 26th, then Sept 6th - Closing.

***Definition of SEASONAL

-The season is defined as the Opening Day of the clubhouse to the Closing Day of the clubhouse.

****Definition of NEW MEMBER

-If you have never been a member before, or have not been the last two seasons.

Credits, or Rebates, for Health Reasons

Prior to November of 2002, the Board had no written policy regarding rebates, or credits, when members are unable to play golf for health reasons, or in the event of the death of a member. The policy, which was adopted on November 14th, 2002, is strictly adhered to so as to provide consistency and fairness to all.

Rebates, credits, or membership credits will be made for disability, or death, as follows:

  1. Requests must be in writing and submitted on, or before, April 30, or June 30, as appopriate.
  2. Sickness or Disability (Substantiated in writing by a medical authority.)
    Before May 1: Full credit toward next year’s membership.
  3. Death of a member

Before July 1: Half (1/2) credit toward next year’s membership. July 1 and thereafter: No credit shall be given

Before May 1: Full rebate. Before July 1: 1/2 rebate.
July 1 and thereafter: No rebate.


Rate = $29

Monday-Friday anytime, Saturday and Sunday after 2:00

Courses: Amery, Cumberland, Chisago Lakes, Clear Lake, Rolling Oaks, Frederic, Krooked Kreek, Pheasant Hills, Siren, Whitetail, Butternut Hills, Glen Hills, Luck, and Spring Valley.